15 comments on “Legal Slifer the Sky Dragon card to be released

  1. Slifer is the best legal card by far, obelisk is pretty good too but winged dragon of ra sucks now, u have to have so many life points just to be competitive with it, i cant wait for slifer cuz when it comes out im sure horakhty will follow

    • you cant buy slifer from the jump website. it is a promotional card which means you get it by subscribing.

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  3. OMG i have the legal, gold trim obelisk and legal the winged dragon of ra (which is so common by the way)…. why cant they just release slifer. they wanna release the sacred beasts and the wicked gods, but the dont wanna release slifer… plainly ignorant, i say

  4. february has come and gone but still no slifer, check your facts next time. that issue didn’t even have a card at all.

    • just an fyi this was in response to kris. also its not a good idea to call admins stupid especially when you are too scared or lazy to make an account

  5. All my friends + me are waiting for that card to come to Jump. I have Ra (don’t have Obelisk) and i really want this card most of all. This sucks how long we have to wait.

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